Wed, 18 Jan 95 22:10 PST

>Dear Neal & Magdalena,
>I can send you some Drosera dielsiana seed within one week or so (I was so
>stupid to throw away all te old flower stalks from my plants last week) for
>seed of the other species, D. capensis D. intermedia 'cuba' and D.spatulata
>you have to be patient. I also have to divide my Utricularia alpina, so you
>can have a piece, but I don't know if it's possible to send it without CITES
>and phytosanitary papers (otherwise it will become a little bit expensive).
>Anybody else on this list knows?
>BTW, you have to give me your adress if I send it to you, mail it to me
>personally, my mail adress:
>About books: I can recommend Adrian Slack's book: insect-eating plants & how
>to grow them (already a classic) ISBN 0 906670 42 X.

Thanks for you help. Lets just stick to the seeds. I'llgladly pay the
postage. Our address is:

Neal & Magdalena
21533 Deerpath
Malibu, CA 90265

I'll check the book out! Thanks!!!