Nepenthes in flower (Re: Nepenthes at the US Botanical Gardens)

Bill Smith (
Wed, 18 Jan 95 17:55:15 PST

Alex's message reminded of the one and only time I've seen a Nepenthes
(don't remember species or sex) in flower.

I was in a local exotic plant shop, since closed down, being conducted
through their CP greenhouse. It was fantastic. (Strangely, they
misted and watered with LA water, which is quite hard and fairly
basic, but who's to argue with success?) The CP guy pointed out a
Nepenthes and asked had I ever seen one flower. We went to look at it
more closely and he suggested I smell it. I did -- it was a strange,
meaty (though not carrion-like like Stapelia).

He asked "Well, what do you think it smells like?"

"I don't know. Maybe dog food?"

"Naw. An orgy -- definitely smells like an orgy."

Anyone out there have anything to contribute on this line?