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Michael Hasemann (
Wed, 18 Jan 1995 10:43:35 +0200 (EET)

> > Among other things,
> > the rockwool did not stay firmly packed around the stem of the cutting. Any
> > movement of the bag tended to make the cutting move around, potentially
> > injuring the newly forming roots.
> I think some soft substance in the medium like peat, Sphagnum,
> bark...
or rock*WOOL*
> helps to prevent such damage which otherwise may occur when
> moving plants.
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Albeit being suspected to cause cancer rockwool fibres are *MUCH* bigger
than those of asbestos and, hence, less (if at all) dangerous. However
rockwool should be taken with care, particular when dry (as well as per-
lite) unless proven "innocent".

Some days ago I also read that a type of rockwool has been invented
which is "biodigestable", that is if breathed in the particles dissolve
in your lungs. There were no claims made whether this may strengthen
your bones. :-)

As with perlite, I believe there are different qualities of rockwool
available, i.e. those for gardening purpose and those to be used for
insulation in houses.


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