Re: CP digest 225

Ron Gagliardo (
17 Jan 95 19:49:49 EST

I would like to reply to the following message, but first, I would like to
know who sent it in. (I often see messages with no author, just an address).

>Date: Sun, 15 Jan 1995 16:00:47 -0500
>Subject: Culture contamination?
>Message-ID: <>

>Whenever I have put venus flytrap into sterile agar culture, I have had
>enormous problems getting sterile tissue. This has not been a problem with
>other non-carnivorous species. Is this just a passing observation of no
>import or could it be that the carnivorous species can utilize microflora for
>nutrition! Does anyone have any experience or feedback concerning this?

Also, tell me how you are sterilizing the tissue? I have grown many VFTs in
vitro cultures initiated with seed and plant tissue. While tissue (ie.
leaves, rhizome pieces, etc.) is hard to clean up, it can be done. Unopened
flower buds are also valuable for this purpose.

Ron Gagliardo
Atlanta Botanical Garden