Nepenthes at the US Botanical Gardens

Alexander Salomon (
Tue, 17 Jan 95 13:51:04 EST

For those who live in the DC area who have never seen a Nepenthes in flower,
the US Botanical Gardens have 3 specimens, one of which is currently sending up
an inflorescence. There are 2 hybrids and one species which can be found in
the Bromeliad room. You have to look for them though. The one that is flowering
is on the left side as you face the adjoining cactus room. It is low to the
ground. It is too early to say if it is male or female. It is labelled Nepenthe
s burkeii, though upon examination, I think it may be N. ventricosa. The few
remaining pitchers are somewhat dry, so it is difficult to assess for certain,
but on exam, the pitchers do not appear to have a pubescent surface, which I am
told is one of the major differences between the two species. Some say they
are variants of the same species. In any case, while there, if it isnt too cold
be sure and look outside at the pitcher bog. The S. leucophyllas still are
quite attractive in light of the mild(so far) Winter and the protected location
in which they are situated. The S.purpureas of course look reasonably nice the
year round.