Tue, 17 Jan 1995 10:14:58 +0100 (CET)

Dear Neal & Magdalena,
I can send you some Drosera dielsiana seed within one week or so (I was so
stupid to throw away all te old flower stalks from my plants last week) for
seed of the other species, D. capensis D. intermedia 'cuba' and D.spatulata
you have to be patient. I also have to divide my Utricularia alpina, so you
can have a piece, but I don't know if it's possible to send it without CITES
and phytosanitary papers (otherwise it will become a little bit expensive).
Anybody else on this list knows?
BTW, you have to give me your adress if I send it to you, mail it to me
personally, my mail adress:
About books: I can recommend Adrian Slack's book: insect-eating plants & how
to grow them (already a classic) ISBN 0 906670 42 X.