Re: WWW access

Wim Osterholt (
Sun, 15 Jan 1995 02:38:53 +0100 (MET)

Peter Coler said:
> Aah, but we do have access to the WWW - yes, everyone on this
> list! If you haven't got a browser of your own, there are telnet
> WWW servers at :
> and

Sorry Rick, don't be too optimistic. The stuff needs to be in the listserver. is out of the game. is out of the game either. will drive you crazy. sometimes offers access to lynx, so you won't see GIF's.
Worse, you won't be able to download files because they
will end up in Finland (IF you already have write access).
Mailing was disabled.

> No telnet? OK, try the webmailer ( and if you haven't got Email,
> how the hell are you reading this? :) Send a message to :
> with no subject and HELP as the body for details.

And this I still have to try.

Regards, Wim.

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