Re: Summer and Tuberous Drosera

John Taylor (
Sat, 14 Jan 1995 22:01:29 +1100

>Well all,
> [lines deleted...]
>You can tell it's summer though because the bushfires have
>started. Here's only hoping we don't have a really bad one.

Or rather, the arsonists have started up yet again... :-(

>No wonder the tuberous Drosera choose this time to stay underground.
>Hopefully the fires will stimulate the Drosera into even better
>growth and germination.

Which reminds me... There was an article recently in one of the general
gardening magazines about smoke treatment of seeds to improve germination
rates. They showed a photo comparing two trays of Stylidium (triggerplant)
seedling (one treated, one not) and germination rates appeared to be at least
double. Other difficult species (such as some Kangaroo Paws) also responded
well. This method could be worth investigating for treatment of Byblis and
maybe even tuberous Drosera seed. I don't have the article on me (I just had
a quick flick-through in the shop) but I could get it and post a summary if
there's enough interest.


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