WWW access

Peter Cole (carnivor@bunyip.demon.co.uk)
Fri, 13 Jan 1995 18:09:56 GMT

Sorry if this isn't exactly CP related - it seems relevant in view of the
confusion there seems to be over accessing the WWW site.

Michael Hasemann said:

>> Perhaps what we need is an "infomercial" page in the WWW page so that
>> people who want to buy plants can browse this. Anyone interested in
>> buying plants could be pointed at the WWW page.

> or do put this list on the ftp server (for those who do not have access to
> WWW).

Aah, but we do have access to the WWW - yes, everyone on this
list! If you haven't got a browser of your own, there are telnet
WWW servers at :
and info.funet.fi

No telnet? OK, try the webmailer ( and if you haven't got Email,
how the hell are you reading this? :) Send a message to :


with no subject and HELP as the body for details.

This is more straightforward than the telnet servers ( well, I
prefer it. )
I still haven't figured out if the pix are in any way reachable,
but you can get the .html pages as ascii or even as source for
offline browsing with suitable software ( it preserves the links
to other pages too :)


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