Re: Listserver Help

Clarke Brunt (
Wed, 11 Jan 1995 08:03:39 +0000

> I have been trying to access archive files on the listserver but all I
> get is the following message :
> >No requests found in your message. Requests should be included in the
> >body of the mail message.
> >
> Ths message body that generated this was
> send cp.sellerlist

It looks like you want GET, and not SEND. In the following, archive is
CP, so you want
get CP cp.sellerlist

The listserver help includes:

get <archive | path-to-archive> <file> [/password] [parts]
Get the requested file from the specified archive. Files are usually split in
parts locally, and in such a case you will receive the file in multiple email
messages -- an 'index' request tells you how many parts the file has been
split into, and their sizes; if you need to obtain certain parts, specify them
as optional arguments. If an archive is private, you have to provide its
password as well.

I see another 54 (!) CP messages waiting for me this morning. I hope
that at least 1 or 2 are interesting, unlike last night's batch - I
nearly wore out the Delete key.

This is the last list which I imagined would ever degenerate into this
garbage. Just think of any new subscribers wanting to ask about their
VFT. Do you think they will stay subscribers for long?
Please wake me up when it is over.

Clarke Brunt (