"Infomercial" Cp archive

Rick Walker (walker@cutter.hpl.hp.com)
Thu, 12 Jan 1995 11:59:48 -0800

> > Perhaps what we need is an "infomercial" page in the WWW page so that
> > people who want to buy plants can browse this. Anyone interested in
> > buying plants could be pointed at the WWW page.
> or do put this list on the ftp server (for those who do not have access to
> WWW).

I notice that this suggestion keeps coming up from time to time, so I'm
putting in my two cents:

We *DO* have such a service! We have had it since the inception of this

There are two files in the CP archives:

cp.sellerlist ;merged commercial price lists
cp.growlist ;merged member grow list

The growlist currently contains information on 24 different members,
for a total of 384 species, with 2293 individual plant entries.

The sellerlist contains commercial pricelists of 14 different growers,
listing a total of 347 species, and 1283 individual entries.

These files are only as good as your continued contributions! Please
make use of these files. I always welcome updates to your personal
growlists, and any contributions of commercial pricelists. Contact me
for the proper submission format.