Andreas Wistuba (a.wistuba@carnivor.rhein-neckar.de)
11 Jan 1995 16:04:00 +0100

Dear Brett,

you wrote:

> The best treatment for this weed I have found
> is repotting and then followup by ripping our
> the young plantlets that come up. Unfortunately
> if I don't do this very regularly the weed gets
> to the point where I cannot do this. Anyone
> got any good ideas about how I can cope with
> these pests?
> BTW most of my plants are either in peat or
> peat/sand/whatever mix if this makes a
> difference.

The fact that the weeds come up again (soon?) after repotting might be a
sign that your peat is contaminated by seeds or spores in case of
Liverworts. Did you collect your peat from a peat-swamp? If you bought
your peat maybe a change of the brand helps.
By the way, I m just remembering that Joachim who s also on the list is
currently experimenting with a peat substitute made from coconut which
seems to work excellent for Nepenthes....

All the best


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