Re: New Pinguicula!

John Taylor (
Wed, 11 Jan 1995 15:24:42 +1100

I've a few basic (layman's) questions about new species and Pinguicula

How different does a plant have to be to be designated as a new form/species?
For instance, I can see obvious similarities between P. "Pico de Orizaba" and
other P. moranensis forms (the flower shape and markings for instance) yet
this plant has a glabrous scape whereas P. moranensis doesn't (from what
I've seen). Is there a kind of point score system?

I have a plant labelled as P. caudata which has P. moranensis characteristics.
There is a reference in Jan's list which lists it as being P. macrophylla.
>From what I remember from Slack's first book, P. caudata has a large rosette
of leaves. My plant on the other hand is only a few inches across at most
with *very* pronounced leaf-edge rolls and has somewhat rosy pink flowers.
Is my plant likely to be a P. moranensis var. caudata, P. macrophylla or is
it totally mislabelled?

I've just picked up a new Ping hybrid - P. (morrii x ehlersae) x grandiflora.
I can't find any mention of a P. morrii in my literature - is this another
Mexican Ping? This plant has the most leaves I've ever seen on a Ping. (I
count about 30 visible live leaves, including "buds" at the moment!) and I've
high hopes that the flowers will be quite impressive. Given that one parent
is "evergreen" and the other resting-bud forming, what should I expect this
plant to do come winter?


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