apology and my paranoia

Andreas Wistuba (a.wistuba@carnivor.rhein-neckar.de)
10 Jan 1995 17:16:00 +0100

My paranoia:

Dear Michael,

you wrote:

> You paranoia drives you absolutely crazy.
> Howoften do I have to say that I do not intend
> to offend/insult you ?

> However you seem to be very touchy and I assume
> you got up badly this morning. Take it easy!

> IMO: This is not a fight for me. Perhaps in
> your paranoia.

Well, that s exactly the style (_and_ _for_ _my_ _touchy_ _taste_ _you_
_also_ _insulted_ _Phil_ _Wight_) of writing which I regard as an insult.
Maybe I am touchy but this is a style of manners I m not used to at all
and which I can hardly accept. Your choice of vocabulary in your reply to
Phil s comment speaks for itself but not for you.
Just for your information:
Paranoia is currently dealt with as a special case of schizophrenia.
Schizophrenia is known as a serious inheritable disease.....
Well, maybe I m too touchy....


Hello all,

Sorry to all of you who were bothered by this stupid flamewar which I seem
to have started by making a plant offer on this list and which I feel at
least being partly responsible for. May I get tortured if ever putting a
plant offer into this list again. I tried to explain my points of view and
noticed too late that it was not water but oil which I was pouring into a
fire. For my case I m not willing to continue the whole "discussion"
neither on this list, nor by private mails as it seems to be fruitless.
I m glad that I was not the only person who regarded some statements which
were made as insults and that I was not at all alone with my views. This
gives me hope of not being paranoid;-)
I m especially glad that at least a few little productive side discussions
arose from the big rest of useless waste of internet resources.

My last words in this matter:

All the best


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