strange G.repens behavior

David K. Purks (telenet!unicorn!
Tue, 10 Jan 1995 17:04:24 -0500 (EST)

A while back I acquired what appears to be a relatively unusual
species of Genlisea (I won't say who to protect them from a flood
of requests). The plant is G.repens 'Auyan Tepui'.

When I got it, the leaves were green and there appeared to be
subsurface traps present. I planted it in a 2.5 inch shallow pot
in 50/50 sand/peat and put it in a tray of water with some Utrics.

The G.repens didn't do appear to do anything for a few weeks, but
now something rather strange has happened. The leaves have turned
deep marroon and the number of them has been reduced. Poking around
in the medium didn't turn up any traps but I did find a few green
leaves hidden just under the surface of the medium.

The other plants around this one seem to be doing well (except for
one pot of U.calycifida which has had nearly all the surface leaves
die while it appears to be growing well underground).

The person I got this division from hasn't seen this behavior before
and suggested that I pose the question to the net...has anyone else
run into this before?

Any suggestions are quite welcome!