Re: We can save the world (was RE: IN VITRO stuff)

Andreas Wistuba (
10 Jan 1995 01:28:00 +0200

Dear Brian,

you wrote:

> In addition, it bothers me not at all for
> persons who are propagating rare plants to make
> some money from it, at least to offset some of
> the expense for materials, equipment, and time.
> I'm glad to see their talents used in such a
> manner. Perhaps free plants for all could be
> the goal within some horticultural Nirvana, but
> I don't think that we're particularly close to
> that situation at this point in history.

We are not so far away indeed:

Some years ago fanatic collectors paid thousands of $ to criminals who
robbed N. rajah plants and others from the wild solely for sale. Best to
my knowledge the first tissue cultured N. rajah plants came up selling
around $ 200. Within a few years the prices dropped to around $ 40. Where
is the limit?
In Germany meanwhile you can find Nepenthes and Heliamphora plants in
garden centers and with the time of a particular species in vitro the the
propagators experience grows on how to propagate it best and most
efficient. Nepenthes rajah in the garden center? I d be glad being able to
propagate it that efficiently one day and getting a large scale order by
a large nursery....

All the best


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