Re: IN VITRO stuff

Michael Hasemann (
Tue, 10 Jan 1995 09:25:26 +0200 (EET)

> To Michael, and the others who are perpetuating this senseless diatrabe
> against the TC people here, you should observe that the vast majority of
> the users of this forum have been standing by patiently waiting for your
> petulance to end, but our patience is wearing thin.

To Phil, if it bothers you just logout. :-)

I am always astonished to find people who are not chicken enough to talk
for themselves but have to declare themselves the leader of a large
pack. You sound ridiculous.

You do not bother to read my posts otherwise you would have noticed
that my postings are not a crusade against people doing tissue culture
but against their alleged belief (which proved to be wrong in the mean-
while) to be the safers of the rainforests by doing this. Clear enough ?

Again if you do not like this threat just move your butt to where you
feel safe. Perhaps take your girlfriend out to cinema for a chance to
get a grip on yourself again. :-)

> Your thinly disguised envy at not having these plants is clearly
> observable, like a massive chip on your shoulder.
> If we all take up a
> collection and buy you a N. Raja will you kindly cease this prattle?

You clearly unveil the limited categories of your mind: I do not
want to blame you for it. It's your limited mind that disables you
to track back the reasons and arguments behind my postings.

If you see collecting plants as the only and utmost destination in life
you probably won't find any better way to piss around here. Congratu-

> Cheers,
> Phil
Best wishes,


P.S.: For the future, you, and your vast majority of this group: Discover
the unknown commands of your mail-reader, now! Use 'd' for delete. (for
weenies only!)