Re: IN VITRO stuff

Joachim Nerz (
Mon, 9 Jan 1995 22:02:49 +0100 (MEZ)

Hello Michael,

I think we should stop now this crazy and childy discussion;

but just some more comments:

I and I think all of my friends don't grow their plants because of
commercial interests, but because of our own pleasure; We like to see how
our plants are growing and we like to find out new ways to propagate
them, what was before impossible; it's like a drug. So, you are right, it
is my own pleasure, if I grow my In Vitro-plants; if I would like to get
rich, I would do another business, believe me; it's just hobby; and if
somebody buys the plants for the black-market prices (I think I know what
you mean; I think it cannot be myself, because yet I don't sell
anything), it's also your own pleasure, nobody forces you to do it! They
are no sunflowers, also in Vitro most of them need a quite long time to
grow and to divide ...., so you can't expect huge plants of species,
which have been before some years nearly unknown.

I agree with you, that you never will conserve the specie and the
habitat, but at least a by-product of the In Vitro propagation is to
hinder that a lot of people reintroduce species in cultivation, just
because they are not available to them.

And now still one more last point:
What's wrong, to give species a name, when they are still undescribed?
It makes communication about species (which have a name now) much easier
and hinder confusion like species xxx and everybody get it's own
preliminary name for it! In the last years, e.g. most of the Nepenthes
species have been described from herbar-material, so there shouldn't be
commercial interest at it, you don't think so? Or can you tell me, where
I can buy Nepenthes borneensis?

O.k., but let's stop now our flames;


Joe N.