Re: We can save the world !!!

Michael Hasemann (
Mon, 9 Jan 1995 18:03:48 +0200 (EET)

> Michael,
> >(...) The names change (very fast).
> Some taxonomists do their best to slow down the speed a bit.

Your work is highly appreciate. It enables us to keep our collections
complete and uptodate. :-)

> >(...)In contrast to the past
> >people now run to the rain forrest collecting new species (naming them
> >thus creating a market and propagating them in their own monetary
> >interest believing in the need to environmentally -> tissue cultured
> >satisfy the demand).
> No. At least not the people I know.
No offense intended. In the calvinistic belief I think everybody may
try to turn his hobby into a profession. :-)

> Of course, sometimes the interest in cps is not entirely scientific. But
> you must accept that at least some field exploration has helped to even
> *reduce* the number of names and taxonomic problems.

I accept!

> >You know yourself that the genetic diversity is not preserved by tissue
> >culture.
> Genetic diversity is much less preserved by destruction of the natural
> habitats (which is in too many cases even sponsored by local governments!).
> Certainly, one clone is a poor representation of a species, but it is very
> much more than ZERO clones, isn't it?

getting mathematically, right ? Feeling at home with zeros and ones! :-)

> >So, tell me please, what do you do against the global warming, the war in
> >Chechnia, ...
> This is not really a satisfactory answer to the questions posed.

No, this is just the same kind of question, so try to answer my

What I do against the deforrestation ? Wait, (thinking, ..., thinking,
...) yes, I am using a Green PC. :-)

> >What does N.xxxx help us in the tube if the forrests are gone ? It is
> >hypocritical to say plant collectors do any good to the nature by ha-
> >ving the plants in their greenhouses. It is for their own fun.
> (...)
> >Sure, as more or less 'artificial' artifacts disembodied from their
> >environment with no realistic hope ever to be reestablished. So, what
> >is the value, anyway ? What is a species without its ecosystem.
> Again, one clone is much more than none! I do firmly believe in a high
> value of any living creature (especially if it is a cp ;-)), as it is a
> unique organism formed by millions of years of evolution.

Let's set up memorials for the dinosaurs. :-)

> (...)
> >For us hobbyists this is a great idea but please drop these
> >exaggerated claims that we would save the world if we had a stock of
> >tissue cultured CPs.
> Maybe some future (wiser) race will rediscover the value of
> *biological* species living in the environment they were adapted to
> for millions of years (until _Homo "sapiens"_ - nomen illegitimum? -
> came to kill them within a few hundred years). These guys may prove
> grateful for some grains to sow...

So, whatabout a tissue culture then (if they need seeds) ? :-)

> Kind regards
> Jan
> PS:>No, but it is welcomed opportunity to be able to sell them overpriced
> >in high numbers in a short time.
> Here is my tip of the day: If it's too much $$, you don't need to buy!
Gracious lord! Who tought you the basics of a free market ?

> I would *love* an ad like:
Yes, me too. Actually, I have to admit, I have never taken money for
plants. Perhaps, I am the last hobbyist here. No, no, I don't need a
hall of fame. :-) Yes, I swap/trade plants.

> "Liquidation sale because of space limitation.
> Buy 50 _Utricularia podadena_ and 50 _U.dimorphantha_ for five bucks,
> and get 50 _Pinguicula algida_ and 50 _Nepenthes rajah_ free!..."
> Where is your price limit (even if the stuff were from TC)?
I would say rather low. Perhaps a few bucks plus porto expenses.
Needless to say that I am not after N.speculatius subspecies Himalaya
var Green subvar no_veins yellow flowers. :-)

> Sorry all you people who have read this stuff and not benefited from it. I
> really hate to waste bandwidth, but there are more than 2 recipients
> involved.
'involved' ?! This is not trial. I am sorry if there are still people
outthere feeling emotionally personally involved/offended by my
postings. :-)