Re: CP digest 216

Ron Gagliardo (
09 Jan 95 07:06:44 EST

Greetings all.
Well, it seems that my messages have been a bit misinterpreted lately and I
wanted to clarify a couple issues recently brought out by Bob Beer and Rogan

First, I have no problem with people making plants available for trade or sale
on the list. I have always been a advocate of trading plants. It puts the
FUN into it. This is NOT the issue.

Secondly, my initial message was not an attack on anyone. I was merely
bringing up a few issues that I thought needed to be addressed. I think that
what folks are doing with regards to in vitro Nepenthes is good, but I think
that for the novices on the list (and others) that the TC folks should give us
more data! And why aren't more of them speaking out?

R.Roth wrote:
>Yes, I do enjoy the "commercial"
> aspects of plant hunting - without it how many specimens of rare
> plants would we have in our collections?

Case in point, I think you are missing the point. The goal here is not just
adding the rarest Nepenthes to our collections, regardless of price, but to
use these techniques and more importantly, this list and our various contacts
to work toward the preservation of these plants for all, not just our own
collections. I suggest that all the folks doing in vitro work post their in
vitro collections and perhaps encourage more exchange among ourselves.
Perhaps we could make a separate archived list of in vitro
sources/researchers? Any thoughts Rick Walker?

Ron Gagliardo