Re: CP digest 215

Ron Gagliardo (
07 Jan 95 19:34:55 EST

BAP (or BA) is an extremely potent cytokinin. I am not certain (and would
love to know if someone has info), but it seems that it is taken up from the
media and the effects are long lasting on Nepenthes plants. I have seen
Nepenthes plants that never seem to stop producing axillary buds after coming
out of the lab. I would like to know if anyone has looked at concentrations
of synthetic phytohormones in established TC plants of various ages. I avoid
this one in the lab. Kinetin is much more forgiving.

I have had the most success (ie. 9 of 10 species roughly) using 1/3 strength
MS Minimal Organic salts (add extra Thiamine and Inositol to account for the
dilution, let me know if I need to explain this further), 3% sucrose, pH 5-6,
and 1 mg/l kinetin. When I use BAP, 0.1-0.3 mg/liter seems plenty. I am
trying Knudsons (1/2 strength) for a few Nepenthes that seem to require more
basic conditions at least in my experience (N. macrovulagaris, etc.) Of
course, this would give them more nitrogen, etc., too. Hope this helps.
Ron Gagliardo