Re: (re)Introduction -Reply

Bob Beer (
Sat, 7 Jan 1995 11:44:24 -0800 (PST)

I agree wholeheartedly. I think that it is completely appropriate for cp
growers to let people know what they have in a cp group. It is not the
same as fending off telephone solicitors trying to sell you something with
no relevance, or our "Mr. Incense" episode.. Since so many people find a
group like this because of requests to find cp material, why shouldn't
readers be made aware of it? With appropriate headers, it is easy to
avoid reading posts that one doesn't find interesting.


On Sat, 7 Jan 1995, Rogan Roth wrote:

> Dear Andreas (and others),
> I support you whole heartedly and find the attack on you childish
> and totally unnecessary! I DO grow CP in vitro, using University
> resources and I also offer them to other collectors who may have
> something in their collection that we don't have in ours!! On
> many occasions I have wanted to obtain something without having
> anything to exchange in return, so I have been grateful to have
> had the opportunity to BUY it. Yes, I do enjoy the "commercial"
> aspects of plant hunting - without it how many specimens of rare
> plants would we have in our collections?
> Cheers for now.
> Regards
> Rogan Roth.