Internet marketing

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Fri, 6 Jan 1995 13:28:52 -0700

Wow, I've been with this list since it began, and I guess the appearance
of flames indicates it's matured. :)

There's been some discussion about the appropriateness of using the newsgroup
as a market place. I've got a few thoughts on this...

First, there's the crap on the list regarding buying incense. That kind of
stuff is basic abuse of the network and is indefensible. I think the person
responsible should be covered with dried dung and slowly burnt.
(for the easily incensed, that's just a joke)

Second, there's the occasional distribution by hobbyists, of seeds or plants
for money. I do this twice a year with _Sarracenia_ seeds and seedlings,
as well as year-round with people who inquire about my Utrics etc and who
have little or no trading leverage. I think this is entirely appropriate.
I used to distribute plants for free until the postage charges added up
(as this newsgroup enlarged!). And no insult to the newer growers, but it
became tiresome to constantly package and ship specimens of _D.capillaris_
and _D.capensis_ to people with no trade coming back. So either I live with
postage charges of $30/month in altruistic bliss (and pay no attention to
the righteous cluckings from the missus), or not distribute plants to people
at all (wouldn't that be obnoxious!), or charge a few bucks to cover postage
and effort on my part.

Third, there's the semi-professional work that Andreas or Uwe does. Again,
I have no problem with that. I think that the occasional message from
those growers saying what they have for sale is fine. If every time I
got a bundle of mail it included THE-LATEST-PLANTS-AVAILABLE-BUY-BUY-BUY
I'd get a little irritated. But that's not the situation at all. I also
think their prices are perfectly fine considering the tiny market as well
as the laboratory skills these guys have developed.

One of my favorite things about CPing is that other than the limited set
of species available to the starting CPer from the few nurseries, if you
want to get plants you MUST network, and in the process you meet some really
great people from around the globe. I trade extensively with other growers,
but can do so because I have a large collection. Other mechanisms must exist
in order to allow newbies to gain trading leverage.