Re: (re)Introduction

Andreas Wistuba (
06 Jan 1995 12:27:00 +0200

Dear Michael,

you wrote:

> Please be refered to the netiquette. Meanwhile
> I also regret to have started this discussion
> as there is no real problem here (yet).

Some time ago in a silly moment I posted my list here - and had to learn
that this was very bad behaviour. I learned from this and promised myself
not to do it again. Sorry, if having breached the rules of the netiquette
again when having offered plants after they were looked for. I did not
regard this as "illegal" but will not do so again if this offends your or
other s feelings regarding good manners on the net.

> So if it is so easy to propagate them why do
> not you sell them hobbyists prices. I mean if I
> see astronomical high prices for whatsoever
> species...

Please see my other today s posting.


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