The Private Life of Plants

Peter Cole (
Thu, 05 Jan 1995 18:24:50 GMT

List followers in the UK might like to know ( if you don't already, )
that BBC1 are screening 'The Secret Life of Plants' starting Wednesday.
David Attenborough is presenting it, and it will be showing ( among
other things, ) a lot of time lapse photography. I don't know how much
carnivory will be represented, but evidently some - there is a close-up
of a Drosera leaf ( looks like Rotundifolia to me, ) in the feature on
page 5 of this week's TV Times. The inevitable accompanying book is
graced with a rather fetching shot of a frog on a Nepenthes pitcher ( tall
and green, but I'm not au fait enough with Neps to hazard a guess. )


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