Re: (re)Introduction

Andreas Wistuba (A.Wistuba@DKFZ-Heidelberg.DE)
Thu, 5 Jan 1995 15:26:33 GMT+1

Dear Michael,

you wrote:

> Is this going to end up in an internet-shop ? I am feeling a little
> irritated about these increasing more or less commercial (yes,
> I have seen your smileys.) offers.
> (not to talk about this as a financial source for "Victorian time"
> plant hunting.)

a few days ago you wrote:

>>Uwe Wsetphal (from Germany) grows them in virto. As far as I know
>>he can supply them again in summer.


A sudden change of mind??? (;-))

> (and also not to talk about all that tissue culture stuff originating
> from dubious

If tissue culture is dubious then I'm proud of being able to do this
dubious things. Otherwise I do not right understand what a large
scale propagation by "high tech" has to do with Victorian-style plant
hunting??? Who the hell hunts his in vitro stuff??? I usually go to
the basement working all night at my laminar flow which I had to buy
from my money (no support!). Usually the plants sit in their flasks
and are quite easy to remove without any need to hunt them.
I'm looking foreward receiving an explanation!

> ("University supported" ?!) sources. Right, this is none
> of my business.)

None of us is University supported!
Please try to find out more exactly what people you offend really do
before flaming them in the public!

> ..Michael

If somebody searches for a plant I am able to supply either by
_trade_ or sale, shall I ask a friend:
"Hey could you write a message, telling that I have these things for
trade (or aso sale)" instead of doing this myself.
I regard this as childish.
As a consequence you'll have to ban all informations on CP sources
from this list. I think I am right that one aspect reading such lists
for many people is getting infos where to _trade_ _or_ _buy_ CP's (in
our case) or other stuff.

All the best

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