Re: CP Grow-Box

Steven Klitzing (
Wed, 4 Jan 95 15:44:08 -0800

A grow box is probably like the one they have in the
CP greenhouse at UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens.
You have a tray on the bottom that collects water so
it doesn't rot your wooden benches. Then, it's basically
an upside down aquarium. No glass on the bottom. four
glass sides, and a glass top. I think making a grow box
out of clear plastic from a plastic shop might be easier
to build, cut, and work with. You can take the clear
plastic parts and weld them together with xylene. And
you can make the top plate removable for plant
maintenance. Lexan would be a good material, and it would
have better insulating qualities than glass...though a
little more expensive. Either glass or plastic would
work, glass being heavier and subject to breakage.
Cutting clear lexan to exact sizes costs about $1 per
cut at a plastic shop. The plastic does not need to
be really thick. Probably 1/8" thick material would
work. Hey, I think this solves my dilemma about
finding water catching trays that fit my benches!