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Wed, 04 Jan 95 18:22:03 +0000

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Sorry this is so late but, having just returned from Xmas hols, I
couldn't resist rersponding to the initial hornets nest of Marcel
Lecoufle's book and it's "*best*" status.

I don't necessarily disagree with the comments on pictures. However,
CPN did review this book. It was a challenging (I'm being polite)
review, full of phlegm, venom even. The summary of the review was to
ignore the text of Marcel's book!!! The author of the review (I forget
who but it was one of CPN's editor's) also spared no blushes for the
technical editor who was blamed for allowing Marcel's errors to be
published uncorrected. I am that technical editor.

With the traditions of the USA firmly in mind, CPN and the editor in
question were damned lucky I didn't sue them for big money (despite
disclaimers - "the views expressed aren't necessarily those of CPN" -
no good when the views are written by the editor!). The review was
totally correct in criticising Marcel's knowledge and text and in
criticising the English translation from original French. However, I
wrote (and still have a copy of) a three page criticism of the text and
translation, which I sent to the publishers. I offered assistance in
correcting the errors if given direct access to Marcel. Unfortunately
the offer was refused, the book was published with errors intact and my
name printed as technical editor without my permission.

The lessons -

for CPN: be more careful about who you accuse of what or risk
getting sued!

for me: avoid editing anything by Marcel

for you all: buy Marcel's books for the great pictures but be very
careful about what text you believe!

It feels so much better to get that off my chest. I do so hate being