Re: Have you info on Cuba/Venezuela?

Joachim Nerz (
Wed, 4 Jan 1995 18:40:19 +0100 (MEZ)

Dear Paul,

I know, that Jan has good maps and some more detailed information about
all the Ping's of Cuba, he will be in again next week, so you can ask him.
A botanist of E-Germany has visited the location of P. lignicola, but I
have forgot her name; I want to look, if I will find it.
In the Andes of Venezuela, Drosera cendeensis would be very interesting;
as I know, the only known location of it is 'near Cende'; at the maps, it
doesn't look to difficult to reach it. The original material of it
'disappeared'. Maybe I can also find locations of P. elongata in
Venezuela, I want to have a look.
Do you know the book of Vareschi: Tropenoekologie? It is in German
language, I don't know, if there exist an English translation, but you
can learn a lot about the vegetation of Venezuela (he lived about 40
years there.)

Have a good time there

Joe N.

On Wed, 4 Jan 1995, Paul Temple wrote:

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> Jan
> You've probably already seen I'm going to Cuba/Venezuela. I hope you
> don't mind if I ask some info of you, in case you can help.
> Have you an English translation of the Cuban Ping entries in Casper?
> I'm only after the descriptions of where the plants grow.
> Do you happen to know what state the Pings will be in in February/March
> - growing/, resting?, or what?
> Have you any good location details for P. elongata?
> Any Ping info not already in Casper woiuld be great. Any other CP info
> also of interest for Cuba or Venezuela.
> Many thanks.
> Regards
> Paul