Pings and things

Barry Meyers-Rice (
Mon, 2 Jan 1995 11:37:21 -0700

>>right with my alpine/boreal Pings because I'm growing
>>_grandiflora_ types, _vulgaris_, and _leptoceras_ all the same

>Unless I am mistaken, these pings all require a cold dormancy
>period. Are the winters in Arizona suitably cold to supply the
>dormancy? Or do they receive an artificial winter? I guess I

The bottom shelf of my refrigerator is suitably cold. They hide down there
in plastic bags during their dormant period. When they break dormancy I
stick them in the greenhouse. They respond to this artificial system well,
except for the fact that they slowly drift out of synch with actual seasons.
So right now my Canadian clone of _P.vulgaris_ and my _P.leptoceras are
flowering, and _P.alpina is also growing, while other _P.vulgaris_ clones,
and _P.grandiflora_ ssp., and _P.vallisneriifolia_ are dormant.

Getting off the CP thread, I see. :)

>"In Search of the Mysterious World of Carnivorous Plants"

OK, this was funny! So now it's my turn...

Recently I was watching MST 3K (a TV show) which presented the old horror
flick _The Amazing Colossal Man_. At the beginning of the movie the main
character gets burnt horribly. In the operating room scene, I'm SURE you
can see the doctors packing the burn victim with moist Sphagnum. I'M NOT
JOKING! REALLY! I recall reading it was used as surgical dressing in earlier
times. Any medicos in this group know about the use of Sphagnum in wound

It's good for cuttings too.