re: darlingtonia

peter cole (
Sat, 31 Dec 1994 17:19:02 GMT

>> Just a note. Darlingtonia grow in bogs in mountains under same conditions
>> that produce pink ladyslipper orchids. The two species often grow together

>Does that mean that I can grow Darlingtonia oustside here in southern
>Ontario (Canada) :)) I have nice groups of both _Cyp. reginae and acaule
>growing in my garden along with (not in the same spot) as Sar. purpurea.
>What is the cold hardiness of Darlingtonia?

In my experience, very good. It stays green when everything else has died
back and can happily cope down to -15C nights ( that's as cold as it ever
gets here. ) It seems to cope better than my Purpurea which I found
surprising. Of course, we don't get many nights that bad here in Wales -
average winter nights -5C -> 0C I'd guess, and very few sub-zero days.
If your weather is much more severe, you might try staking a sheet of
bubblewrap over the trough - that works for me with less hardy species
like Dionaea ( well, I had to bubblewrap the sides and bottom as well for
those, and I did bring them in on a couple of the worst nights. :)

>Anyways my question is ; does anybody have a list
>of other species of bromeliads that are showing carnivory (Catopsis,
>Brocchinia) ? If so can you EMail me the list. I'm putting together my
>new catalogue and would like to add at least a couple to my list.

Well, it's not a bromeliad but it grows in one - you might fancy trying
your hand at Utricularia humboldtii which grows naturally inside the wells
of Brocchinia reducta. I don't know where it is available - perhaps
someone else on the list has come across it?