Re: Tasmanian tiger (was: Last Chance to See)!

Steven Klitzing (
Fri, 30 Dec 94 09:08:25 -0800


There's also the mysterious creature in Tasmania known as the
"Bunyip" which haunts the swamps much like Bigfoot. I think
this was also on Mysterious World.

Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World is amusing in one sense.
Every show delves into some mystery, whether it's Yeti, Bigfoot,
Dinosaurs attacking pygmies, etc, and it goes on for 30 minutes
in a highly credible fashion talking about incredible things.
Then, just as it gets you to the point of believing all these
things are true, Arthur C. Clarke pops in at the end of the
show and says "Of course, there is no scientific basis for
any of what you have just seen and in my opinion this is all
wild fantasy and the effects of mental processes which we
do not yet understand, and therefore it must all be discounted."

After watching 10 episodes that ended this way, I felt like
yelling "Hey, asshole, what's the point of this whole show if
all you ever do is present a thesis and then blow it away at
the end of the show! At least Bob Ballard actually went out
and FOUND the Titanic and the Bismarck and showed pics to
everybody!" Anyway, I stopped watching Mysterious World for
that reason. Clarke would never admit anything was possible.
And that's incredible considering all the far-fetched and
pretentious science fiction crap he wrote.

It reminds me of that other identical and horrible 30 minute
show from the 1970's, the one hosted by Leonard Nimoy, called
"In Search Of". They did the same thing. Makes me think these
programs had the same producers...only they bumped up to a more
credible narrator in Clarke.