Re: Ping Cultivation
Fri, 30 Dec 1994 08:25:02 +0930

Hi Barry,

>I (not *quite* yet Dr.!) seem to be doing something mysterious
>right with my alpine/boreal Pings because I'm growing
>_grandiflora_ types, _vulgaris_, and _leptoceras_ all the same
>way, in a peat/sand mix standing in water.
>They are damp, but not soaking, about 5cm above the H2O table.

Unless I am mistaken, these pings all require a cold dormancy
period. Are the winters in Arizona suitably cold to supply the
dormancy? Or do they receive an artificial winter? I guess I
haven't tried to grow any of these species because of our mild

All the best to everyone on the list for 1995.