Re: Cooling for Darlingtonia

Steven Klitzing (
Thu, 29 Dec 94 09:42:36 -0800

Hi all:

Just a note. Darlingtonia grow in bogs in mountains under same conditions
that produce pink ladyslipper orchids. The two species often grow together
in Southwestern Oregon. So, it grows at middle elevations where it
gets mountain stream water refreshing its bogs. In addition, it grows
directly in soil on wet stream beds coming down from the sides of
hills. Location of this bog is near O'Brien and Oregon caves.
Other interesting Darlingtonia bogs can be found nearby.
It takes direct sunshine as well. Expect Oregon mountain temps to
be somewhat cooler, especially at night, than San Joachin?(sp) in

On the coast, near
Newport Oregon, it thrives in a swampy bog not two miles from the
Pacific Ocean. Temps are almost always at a high of the 50's for
this bog. It does receive protection from surrounding forest trees,
and receives dappled sunshine, with direct sunshine overhead at
noon. As I visited this bog in May, you can expect it to receive
foggy coastal weather and rain a lot. No wonder it grows okay
in England! I expect overheating will kill Darlingtonia as it
needs to have its toes wet and cool. If you live in mild coastal
climates, Darlingtonia should do well. If you're in Arizona or
some place like that...good luck.