Re: Darlintonia
Thu, 29 Dec 1994 12:47:58 +0930

> So if you live somewhere hot and dry, I can suggest only
>two courses
> of action:
> 1) Move to Wales, or
> 2) Give up Darlingtonia and try your hand at cacti
>instead :)

I have about 10 plants, which I grew from seed, and they have
just formed their first adult pitchers. As far as I know they are
growing just fine and I give them no special attention. The stand
in water (like everything else :) ) and are placed on the second
shelf where it is a bit cooler right alongside my Pings.

> SWANSEA, WALES (9 inches of rain since Boxing Day! -

Adelaide, South Australia 0.5 inches of rain since August!