Re: Merry Drosera Christmas

Clarke Brunt (
Sun, 25 Dec 1994 23:34:12 +0000

> ... am getting ready to try to grow Drosera Capensis seeds
> (having left a packet in the fridge for 3 or so months). Does anyone have
> any advice on how I should go about it.

Was going to reply by direct email, then thought heck, there might
be other beginners listening in, and if questions on the 'easy'
CP aren't answered on the list, then they might be afraid to

D. capensis is certainly a good place to start - was my first
too. Sow on the surface of peat, or peat/sand mix. That is
straight moss peat (brown stuff) - not a peat based potting
soil, as you don't want any fertiliser in there. Stand the pot
in water continuously - again water must be lime and
fertiliser free - I use rain water. I don't think it is fussy
about temperature - I imagine anything above say 60F/16C would
do for seed (the adult plant will survive much cooler).
It probably won't hurt the seed if you sow now - it will
most likely just wait until it gets warmer, but you could keep
some back until say April or May. Germination usually takes
a few weeks onwards and the first tiny proper leaf after the
seed leaves already has tentacles. D. capensis is happy to
grow all year, or to go semi-dormant if cool in Winter.
It should mature in less than a year and flowers and sets
seed readily, so all being well, your next questions should
be 'How do I stop D. capensis seedlings coming up in
all my other pots!'.

This seems a good opportunity to get in my Merry Christmas
to everyone on the list - a bit late, but there is still
half an hour of Dec 25 left as I write, though I won't dial
up until tomorrow.
P.S. It is not snowing in England. It is above freezing, and
raining at present.

Clarke Brunt (