Re: darlingtonia

Clarke Brunt (
Thu, 22 Dec 1994 22:50:24 +0000

> An account of my masters research on darlingtonia has just been published in
> the california native plant society's quarterly journal 'Fremontia'. Its in
> the October issue, page 29.
> Let me know what you think and if you have any good ideas for my next field
> season.
> Also, why is there so little spoken of darlingtonia in this forum? Too hard
> to cultivate? Too small a distribution? just wondering.

Any chance of uploading a copy of the article - perhaps to the
archive if it is too long for the list. Some of us won't ever get
to see 'Fremontia'.

I agree that Darlingtonia discussion soon tends to die out. Maybe
because only one species? It seems easy to grow in England - I had no
previous experience of the plant but have grown it over a few years
from a small tissue cultured bit from a garden centre to a flowering
plant. A friend also has one which is trying to burst out of its pot.
If it's warm weather that it doesn't like, then maybe that's why
England suits it (and as Peter Cole says, it does OK in Wales as
well). I keep mine in the greenhouse, but the friend keeps his
outside - it doesn't seem to matter.

Clarke Brunt (