Brett Lymn (
Fri, 23 Dec 1994 12:48:56 +1030 (CST)

Hello Folks,
Here is my obligatory introduction since I have just
joined this list. I live in South Australia and have been growing CP
for about 12 years. I was a member of the Australian Carnivorous
Plant Society for 5 - 6 years but had to give that up when work got in
the way of society meetings etc :-(

I grow most of my plants outside, excepting my nepenthes and pings
which live in terrariums (well, really old fish tanks I have
scrounged). Now that I have my own place I want to set up a
greenhouse to house my tropical stuff (and my SO's tropical orchids :-)
but at the moment that is low down the list of things to do.... The
plants I do have include:

S. Flava - both plain and "red tube"
S. Alata
S. Rubra - standard and giant type
S. Minor - standard and giant type
S. Purpurea
S. Psittacenia (not doing very welll...)

D. Binata - a couple of sorts, not sure if I still have "extrema"
D. Capensis - classified as almost a weed in my collection
One of the droseras with a bulb, the name eludes me for the moment...

Cephalotus Follicularis
The obligatory venus fly trap ;-)

Some pinguiculas, moranensis (I think) among others

N. Veitchii
N. Bellii
N. Alata ??? not sure
and one or two other nepenthes I think

Sorry about the vagueness but things are a bit of a mess at my place
what with moving and all I have not had much time to care for my
plants. They are doing amazingly well considering how little
attention they are getting. I am going to have to do some repotting
as some of the pots the sarra's are in are looking a trifle strained.
The real problem I have with them is deciding whether to divide the
plant or leave as a big clump - the ones that need dividing are in 8"
pots at the moment, if I go much bigger I will have problems arranging
trays for watering!

Anyway, enough of me. I am looking forward to exchanging info with

BTW: Can anyone give me the URL for the CP images? I found the WWW
page that searches the taxanomic database but there did not seem to be
many images in there. I may be able to contribute some scans if I can
get access to the colour scanner at work (no promises though)

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