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Thu, 22 Dec 1994 09:41:55 -0500

I know this isn't what you want for an answer, but
I am having pretty good results with Knox gelatin on
small seedlings. This is the plain gelatin crystals
(not any flavor or color). I know not all protein
has the same balance of amino acids, but it is my
guess that CPs don't really care about that...they
are after organic nitrogen and can use probably *any*
amino acid to get the nitrogen. Most plants are able
to interconvert amino acids and have NO external amino
acid needs. I think this applies equally well to CPs.
The plain gelatin is available at all grocery stores
in our area...near the Jello (but don't use that!). It
comes in a big orange box with small envelopes inside.


At 2:41 PM 12/21/94 -0800, Steve Clancy wrote:
>A while ago, there was a discussion of using powdered egg whites as CP food.
>I have looked high and low at health food stores, and regular stores and
>have not been able to locate any. Is the powder called something else
>besides egg whites? Where have people found this?
>When I asked the clerk at one store about it, I got a strange look. And
>when I explained exactly why I wanted it...I got an even stranger one!
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