Re: Crickets for food
Thu, 22 Dec 1994 02:08:21 -0700 (MST)

> Would I be crazy to try to feed my LARGE pither plants, and Venus
> fly traps those Feeder crickets you can buy in Pet stores? Most of
> my Venus fly traps are over 5 years old, and have very large traps on the.
> thanx for the info

I've always found that Venus fly traps do better with smaller
insects...ants or houseflies or small spiders. Once you start getting
into larger insects like wasps or presumably crickets (I don't really
know the size you mean but I assume they are larger than a house fly)
then the traps rot as often as not. With house flies you can feed each
trap a couple times, with a larger insect you get only one feeding,
assuming the trap survives at all.

As an aside, never feed your fly traps leftover maggots from a fishing
trip. Turns out these buggers aren't killed by the fly trap and will
manage to squirm their way out of the trap no matter how hard you try to
push them in (some took 24 hours or more). They then crawl into the
sphagnum and pupate....didn't my wife just LOVE having blue bottle flies
all over the house in the middle of winter? (not!)