Re: Pinguicula sp. "Pico de Orizaba" description...

Jan Schlauer (
Wed, 21 Dec 1994 10:23:25 +0100


>Is this just another P. moranensis? The VCPS list that was mentioned a
>little while ago had this plant listed as just P. sp. "Pico de
>Orizaba". The CP-WWW list picked up P. sodalium (= P. moranensis) as
>being from this mountain - could that be it?

Yes. The cuneate (to even emarginate) lower corolla lobes, long spur, and
not distinctly petioled, elliptic, flat (summer) leaves being rather
indicative of _P.moranensis_ (sensu lato; this is one of the most
widespread and variable species in America).

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! *<:-D