Growing Europeans

Mon, 19 Dec 1994 08:17:00 -0500


I was interested to hear how Paul grows P.leptoceras et al
with success, I certainly think that it's worth a try to see
how that method compares with my own. I also grow
P.leptoceras amongst others, in a set of cold frames
sheltered from the sun by some tall bushes and I'm
relatively happy with the results. These plants are watered
on the tray system (useful if you have to travel regularly
on business). I do intend to experiment a little next year
following my own and other peoples observations of many of
these plants occurring in conditions of water movement. I'm
thus contemplating growing a few Europeans "Darlingtonia
style" with regular overhead watering. Has any one out there
tried this method? Also could Barry let us know how he grows
these in Arizona.

One plant that eludes us in the UK is P.pumila. Ron Mudd of
the IPSG is particularly keen to grow this, however plants
that have been imported from the US have had a short life
expectancy. Is anyone out there able to supply Ron with seed
or growing advice? Ron should be able to find some
interesting seed in return. If there's any one out there who
can help, please E-mail me at the above address or contact
Ron direct by snail mail to:
10 High St
Nr Rushden,
NN10 9LS.

I will be signing off the net for Christmas until 9th of Jan
messages for me can be left at my direct mailing address.

Finally, can anyone out there supply me with seed of

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year