Sarracenias and winter

Janice Ritter x5444 (
Fri, 16 Dec 94 15:04:54 -0500

Another novice question here....

For Sarracenia, like S. flava and S. purpurea,
how do you winter them? S. flava needs a dormant
period, correct?

Right now I have both of types in a small terrarium
(they've been happy so far); the purpurae is kept in some
water, the flava isn't standing in water, but it's wet.
How do I change conditions to induce dormancy? The house goes
down to 50 F degrees during the day; the basement
gets colder, but there is no light down there. The terrarium
is in a south window right now.

Thanks for your help. :-) I'm new to Sarracenia.

Janice Ritter