Re: Big Cephalotus

Steven Klitzing (
Wed, 14 Dec 94 07:39:11 -0800

Hi Phil:

Everything in the U.C. Berkeley terrarium was in excellent shape,
including the Sarracenia. Every single plant was healthy and
thriving. The sundews were terrific with glistening drops on
their leaves and that purple red color on the hairs. A great
terrarium display case. It really shows what you can do with
a greenhouse and some imagination. I'd like to call the
U.C. Berkeley Botanical Garden and get details on their
CP culture. If I do, I'll share the information with the
group. The Sarracenia in the terrarium seemed average in
size, and a healthy medium green color. I think, though, that's
because of the species...Purpurea and Rubra, which I don't
believe get all that tall. If memory serves, Leucophylla
seemed taller that the rest. And, due to the space limitations
in their greenhouse, the collection wasn't massive, but it
had a lot of variety. Again, the Cephalotus was wonderful.
The finest specimen I've ever seen.

I'm not a Sarracenia expert, and
this is just quick observation. I've seen much larger and taller
Sarracenia up at California Carnivores near Healdsburg, CA.
In fact, California Carnivores has an extensive collection of
Sarracenia, some of which are the largest, or rather tallest,
I've ever encountered in a greenhouse environment. I've never been
back east or down south to see the Sarracenia growing in the
wild. I'd like to check out some interesting stands of this
plant some day. If it grows like Darlingtonia, it should be
a lot of fun to see.