Jan Schlauer (
Wed, 14 Dec 1994 10:41:43 +0100


>Please enclose some cultural notes with them, (...)

If you know a bog with _P._ near (or better at) your home, this would
certainly be a suitable habitat. You should of course prevent _P.vulgaris_
from extending its range anthropogenically, it may be rather invasive in
wet environments. It is not too easy to cultivate _P.vulgaris_ at home in a
pot successfully (especially in winter; this is one of the reasons why I do
cultivate it in vitro).

Maybe Dr. Meyers-Rice could tell you more (Hi, Barry!), who has the alpine
_P.leptoceras_ (which is impossible to grow for many European growers!) in
Arizona (!!).

>Yes I have known Adolf Ceska for many years, we have worked together and
>published jointly on the aquatic genus Myriophyllum. He also works for the
>same >government I do, but in another section.

Funny small world! Please say him hello from the still grateful allochthone
if you meet him.

Kind regards