Re: CP Name list

John Taylor (
Wed, 14 Dec 1994 12:54:37 +1100

>So I just got a note in the mail from Dingley Home and Garden. They say
>they ``have been appointed Sole Distributor for `A Total Listing of
>Carnivorous Plants' Compiled by Gordon Ohlenrott.'' It costs
>$AUS 15.

I've seen it for about half this price from (you guessed it ;-)) Collector's
Corner at Gardenworld (just down the road from DH&G...)

>I note this same information is available in the archives, a noble
>achievement of the Mighty Jan Schlauer.
>Jan, I certainly hope Ohlenrott isn't selling something particularly
>derivative of your effort!

Without trying to put down Ohlenrott's work, I don't think it's anywhere
near as good, or comprehensive, as Jan's list. It is basically as the
title indicates - a list of names. There are no references for the
particular names.

Ohlenrott is part of the Victorian Carnivorous Plant Society, from what
the "book" says. The "book" is basically a ringbound (with platic cover(s))
booklet of 2-sided photocopies.

I don't think it's worth buying (especially at AUS$15), if you can print a
copy of Jan's list...


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