Warrington, Pat (
Tue, 13 Dec 1994 14:13:00 -0800 (PST)

Thanks Jan. I appreciate your offer to send me seeds of P. vulgaris. Please
enclose some cultural notes with them, I do not want to kill your offerings.
Thank you for the chromosome numbers I have found in some aquatic genera
that there may be an extensive polyploid series, ie 16, 32, 48 & 64 in
Ranunculus and 26, 52, 78 & 104 in Potamogeton, which correspond to species
delimitations. This is an interesting technique in plants which animal
genetic mechanisms can't seem to handle. Yes I have known Adolf Ceska for many
years, we have worked together and published jointly on the aquatic genus
Myriophyllum. He also works for the same government I do, but in another
section. Please send the seeds to Dr. Patrick Warrington, 8741 Pender Park
Drive, Sidney, BC, Canada, V8L 4G1. Thanks again.