S.F. Bay Area CPs in Bot. Gardens

Steven Klitzing (stevek@informix.com)
Tue, 13 Dec 94 07:47:54 -0800

Hi all:

Just a note here. I went up to U.C. Berkeley Arboretum this weekend,
and toured their CP greenhouse. They had several large varieties of
Nepenthes, very mature plants, in hanging baskets. They also had
a large terrarium/glass case containing several types of Sarracenia,
some other Nepenthes, some pings in bloom with impatien-colored flowers,
the largest Cephalotus Folicularis I've ever seen (with pitchers the
size of small teacups), Darlingtonia, several healthy dewey Drosera,
a few VFTs, some terrestrial utrics, and heliamphora. Sarracenia were
S. Purpurea, S. Rubra, S. Leucophylla. They also had a Drosophyllum.

I also went to the Golden Gate Park Arboretum (the large Victorian
greenhouse). They had at least 20 very large, vining, fully mature
Nepenthes plants hanging in huge baskets suspended from the ceiling.
Most of the pitcher vines were 6 - 10 feet long. Most of those
plants had large pitchers, about the size of elongated coffee cups.
Among those marked were N. Hirsute, N. Loweii, N. Maxima, N. Alata,
N. Khasiana, N. Veillardi, N. Mirabillis, N. Ventricosa, and several
other species and hybrids that I've never heard of. Their only
Sarracenia was in a glass case and didn't look very well. But if you
want to see large Nepenthes, that's the place to visit.

Anyway, two great CP places to visit here. U.C. Berkeley is free,
costing about $1 for parking. They also have an info. sheet that tells
you where you can order CPs from worldwide. The Golden Gate Park
Arboretum/greenhouse costs $1.50. Both places are well worth the
price of admission. A cheap thrill for any CP nut.