A call for research collaboration

Perry Malouf (pmalouf@access.digex.net)
Tue, 13 Dec 1994 03:48:37 -0500 (EST)

Hello everyone,

During my visit to Kinabalu Park, I spoke with several
staff botanists and learned a little about their upcoming
research. For starters, their tissue culture laboratory is
in the last stages of construction at Poring Hot Springs. Second,
the head botanist wants to start a project in collaboration with
one scientist in Texas (I forgot that person's name) where the
DNA sequence of various Nepenthes will be analyzed. I also learned
that the Park research station will have in internet connection in
a year or so.

I touted the advantages that an internet connection would
bring to their research station, and I mentioned the CP listserver,
orchid newsgroup, and aroid newsgroup for starters. Also, I
mentioned the talents of many of the horticulturists, tissue culture
workers, taxonomists, etc. on the CP listserver. The head botanist
was intrigued, and indicated a willingness to start some communication
with these people. Direct communication will have to wait until
the Kinabalu Park comes online to the internet.

I told the scientists that, in the meantime, I'd publish on
the listserver a general call to those who might be able to
collaborate with or render some assistance to the botanists at Kinabalu
Park. Anyone who can collaborate on the DNA sequencing of Nepenthes,
or who would like to render assistance with tissue culture techniques,
can send me their names, addresses (snail mail and e-mail), and a
short description of what sort of help you can offer. I will compile
this information and FAX it to the head botanist.

Please note that my intentions are purely philanthropic. If
there are people out there who are already undertaking this sort of
research then I hope to stimulate collaboration and not competition.

On a different subject, I will eventually write about my
trip to the Park as soon as I take care of other priorities that
greeted my return home. (On the other hand, if no one's interested
then say so--it'll save me some work).


Perry Malouf