Panguicula macroceras?
Sun, 11 Dec 1994 23:48:31 -0500

My apologies ZXMS101 (Jan) for the un-studied response to the ID of the
Panguicula in question, here in the Pacific N.W. Some say that it is P.
vulgaris, such as Hitchcock and Cronquist in "Flora of the Pacific
NorthWest", yet in their joint monumental work along with Ownbey and
Thompson in "Vascular Plants of the Pacific NorthWest", they allow it to be
P. macroceras, and P. vulgaris var. macroceras.
As you may know, this plant has been documented in the mountains of Curry
Co. Oregon, and is also said to have a near white flowered form.
Many sightings north of this area are actually novice accounts of what
turns out to be Dodecatheon sp. and a form of Saxafraga occidentalis, both of
which occur in the same type of habitat as Panguicula.
There is a new book out on the regional flora of the Northern Pacific Coast
which purportedly puts Panguicula all the way up to Alaska. I will
investigate this in the coming week, and if it is true I will relay to you
the name of the book, and also this would substantiate, for myself, what I
have seen.
As you say, Utricularia vulgaris is U. macrorhiza, here, but the same
source as for Panguicula also refers to it as U. vulgaris var. macrorhiza.
There is also, apparently, a lot of variability in the other two Utriculas,
U. minor and a form of it called U. occidentalis, and U. intermedia, with
possibly a form here refered to as U. gibba, from Benton Co. Ore.
I will update you as to the true range and elevation zone of Panguicula and
as to which variety it will be called, in the new book, as I find out.
Sincerely Yours; Dioecy